DATE: August 16, 2020
PLACE: North Hempstead Beach Park, Port Washington, NY

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SWIM: 500 Meters
BIKE: 10.5-Miles
RUN: 3-Miles


RUN: 1.5-Miles
BIKE: 10.5-Miles
RUN: 3-Miles

This is THE event where triathletes can dig in and those that don’t dig the swim can too!  Competition is stiff but the fun of it wins! The area’s only closed road course!

TRI and DU!  This is must on your 2020 race schedule (and your friends’ too!).

Bikes allowed: Road bike, time trial, mountain bike or hybrid.  Sorry, no tandem or recumbent bikes.



1/1 – 4/3/20
4/4 – 5/31/20
6/1 – 6/15



Triathlon Relay




Duathlon Relay



Online registration closes Friday, August 7th, 2020 at noon.

Additional race application service fee applied upon registration.

The prices shown above are for USAT Members. Each participant MUST have a valid USAT license.
A one-day license fee will be required for non-USAT Members ($15 – cash or check only)

Visit the USAT tab below for additional details.

If registration is available at packet pick-up:
1) A $10 surcharge will be added to the registration fee.
2) We will only be able to accept cash for payment.
3) You will not be guaranteed a t-shirt.

Packet Pick-up

There will be two Long Island packet pick-ups the week prior to the race.
Location information is not available yet.
Event Power will post the details upon receipt from Tri One On.

Race Day Pick-Up is available from 5:45AM to 6:45AM

Correct Bib# Body Placement for Photos: See next section

Correct Bib Body Placement

Keep Your Bib# Clearly Visible!

For the best results with photo tagging and searching, the photographers need to clearly see your bib# when taking photos. This will greatly improve your name & bib# photo search results.
Extra body marking will take place right before the race, at the body marking flag!

Please have your bib# placed on

1-both shoulders, & both leg side calves (both left and right sides)
2-on the front of your bike helmet
3-on your bike front tube closest to the handle bars, for easy side viewing
4-and on the front of your chest or abdomen, not on your back!

Again, make sure your bib# is clearly visible for the camera!
Your matching name and photos will be identified by your bib#!

7 Locations for Bib# Placement

Click Here for Photo

Race Schedule

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Race start: 7:40 AM

NOTE – The entrance road will be closed to traffic at 7AM.  Please tell your spectators to arrive early!

5:00 am Transition area opens
7:15 am Pre-race briefing
7:40 am 1st wave starts 
8:30 am Swim Course Closed
8:33 am First finisher
9:30 am Bike Course closed
10:30am am Last finisher and parking lot exit open
10:30 am Awards ceremony and raffle

Cutoff Times

All participants must complete the race in under 2 hours and 30 minutes from the time they start.

Swim: 30 minutes.
Bike: 1 hour and 30 minutes.
You will have 1 hour and 30 minutes from start of your wave to complete the swim and bike portion of the race.

Run: 2 hours and 30 minutes.
You will have 2 hours and 30 minutes from start of your wave to complete the race.


USATriathlon is the national governing body of triathlons. All EventPower races are sanctioned by USATriathlon. All participants must have a USATriathlon license in order to participate in this event.

A current annual membership card and photo ID are required at packet pick-up. If you do not have a current membership card you must purchase a one-day membership card at packet pick up for $15 (cash or check only) or you can purchase an annual card at or at packet pick up for $50 (cash, check or credit card).

Refund Policy

No Refunds
Registrations may not be transferred to another person.
Registrations may not be transferred to another race.

    USA Triathlon has issued a set of rules to maintain consistency and order from race to race across the country. The rules include sections on membership, and rules of conduct for swimming, cycling, running, and transition. Also included are special sections on protests, hearings and appeals, and rules modifications for physically challenged athletes. For full detail on USAT Rules click HERE 


  • NO HEADPHONES DURING ANY PART OF THE EVENT or you will be disqualified.
  • No helmet, no race.
  • Helmet strap must be fastened before taking bike from rack and remain fastened until after bike is replaced.
  • No Drafting! Leave three bike lengths unless passing. Stay to your extreme right unless passing.
  • Run number must be on front of body during entire run!
  • Any unsportsmanlike behavior to other competitors and/or event staff will be dealt with by an immediate disqualification.
  • Top three overall Male & Female

Top three overall Male & Female

  • Challenged, top three in the category
  • Clydesdale and Athena, top three in each category, 39 and under and 40 and older
  • Individual Age Groups, top three in each category:
    15 and under, 16-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75+

Awards Ceremony will commence shortly after the final finisher crosses the finish line. Athletes are encouraged to stay for the awards or have someone pick up their award.

Additional Information

For all other information, please email Event Power at or visit the Tri One On website.

Race Photos

Photos on Facebook

All photos are posted on Facebook so you can download, share, comment, like, and TAG your friends!

2020 Photos on FB: will be posted after the race, normally by late afternoon.

2019 Photos on FB:
LIRP Photo Album Set 1: Pre Race, Swim Start, Swim out, & Awards (478 photos)
LIRP Photo Album Set 2: Bikes & Runners on course (448 photos)
LIRP Photo Album Set 3: Finish Line up to 1:33:46 clock time (428 photos)
LIRP Photo Album Set 4: Finish Line after 1:33:46 clock time (414 photos)

2018 Photos on FB:
LIRP Photo Album Set 1: Pre Race, Swim in wave 1,2,3, Swim out some, Bike riders
LIRP Photo Album Set 2: First Runner out, Finish Line up to 1:30:20
LIRP Photo Album Set 3: Finish Line from 1:30:20, Awards

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