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COVID-19 Plan

Safety of all athletes, volunteers, staff and spectators continue to be EventPower’s top priority.  Due to COVID-19 we have implemented a safety plan and a different approach to our events. Since each race is in a different town, we adhere to all State, County and Town Guidelines as well as CDC Guidelines. 

We will have hand sanitizer throughout the event, masks available for all athletes at check in and at the finish line and disinfecting wipes throughout the race area.  We will continue to limit touch points with participants.

Masks: Masks will be mandatory for all staff, volunteers, participants and spectators that are not vaccinated (honor system).  Participants that are not vaccinated will be able to remove their mask before they enter the water, we will have a garbage pail at the start of the swim, and then they must put a mask back on when they cross the finish line.  We will have masks available at the finish line and participants will have a “self serve” station to retrieve their mask, finisher medal and bottle of water so that we are eliminating touch.

Event Day:

Swim Start: We will either start the race with a time trial start – 10 people every 5 seconds, or we will start the racers in groups of 50 people every 3 minutes as opposed to starting 150 people every 4 minutes. In addition, a garbage pail will be at the start line where participants will dispose of their mask before entering the water.

Water Stops: Water stops will be set up with 8-ounce bottles of water and will be self-serve.  A volunteer will put the water bottles on the table and replenish as needed.  We will not directly hand any water to participants. All participants will be notified of our hydration station plan and be told to plan accordingly.

Bike Racks: Our bike racks usually hold 20 bikes, but we will reduce the number of participants per rack from 20 to 10 so that social distancing is in place. 

Post Race Food: Post race food will be individually wrapped bars and fruit.  They will be laid out on a table spaced apart and participants would take their own item and there will be a staff member ensuring athletes touch only what they take.  Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes will be stationed at this table in addition to every table throughout the event.

Finish Line: We will have a self-serve station at the finish line for participants to retrieve a new mask, a bottle of water and their finisher medal.  We will eliminate holding the finish line tape for all participants.

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