Starting: May 30
Ending: 4th of July Weekend!

We at EventPower miss all of you. We keep you, all essential workers and healthcare heroes in our thoughts and prayers. To stay connected and motivated during this challenging time, we are kicking off the MightyMiles Virtual Run Series. Designed to bring us together while we stay apart, this new virtual weekly run series will also support local families in need, by raising funds for Long Island Cares.

Purchase your spot to support Long Island Cares and receive the MightyMiles finisher medal. Additional options include the MightyMiles Podium Level and MightyMiles Overall Level.  For details, please scroll down to see Participation Options below.

So, sign up, lace up and mask up! Let’s come together while we’re apart and go the distance to make a difference. 
We can do virtually anything!

About the Series

The Series will begin the last weekend in May and continue for six weeks, ending Independence Day weekend.  Participants are asked to run or walk 3-miles each weekend for the six weeks. Each weekend will have a theme (see schedule below). Designed to add fun and/or focus to your solo run, the themes are simply an extra element to unite, engage and entertain participants. You do not have to partake in the theme to be included in the Series. Participants are encouraged to submit weekly theme photos for the Series Finish Line Gallery.


  • Secure your spot by registering at: runsignup.com/Race/NY/Huntington/MightyMiles.
  • Design your route. You might already have some favorite run routes. If not, there are easy to use, free resources to map and calculate distances. We like mapmyrun.com.  Please plan a route that suits your ability and has low traffic.
  • If using your phone or GPS-enabled watch, make sure the device is fully charged and has a workout app installed to track your distance and time.
  • If no device will be used, map out the distance before your run, record your start time and your finish time.
  • Upload your results.  It’s simple! Just click here to get to the upload page.
  • Photos, please! Let’s have some fun and motivate each other. Please send photos to connections@eventpowerli.com.
Everybody! One distinct upside of a virtual series like this is that people from anywhere can conveniently join in.  Have a brother in North Carolina and a Sister in Boston? Encourage them to join us! Teenagers, children?  Sure!  If they’re not already regular runners, we suggest teens aim to run or walk 1.5 to 2 miles each weekend.  For children, we recommend simple fun runs and maximum theme participation laughing
Anywhere! Another upside to virtual events are you decide where you roam. Please be safe and maintain social distance while you make your course all your own.

As we all know, events and gatherings are being cancelled due to COVID-19/CoronaVirus. We all must do our part to maintain social distance and minimize exposure for ourselves, our families and our communities.  During this challenging part of our lives, however, exercise continues to play an important role for basic health benefits as well as de-stressing and supporting the immune system. Virtual events such as the MightyMiles Series empower us as a whole to stay active, connected and optimistic.

Plus, this Series pulls us together with purpose. We will raise money for a long-standing humanitarian charity, Long Island Cares. This organization brings together all available resources for the benefit of the hungry and food insecure right in your community. With every step we take, let’s help fight against the very real issue of hunger on Long Island.

Week Date Theme Detail
1 May 30-31 True Blue Wear blue to show appreciation and support for essential workers.
2 June 6-7 Over the Rainbow Wear rainbow colored clothing or something with a rainbow on it. Paint your face the colors of the rainbow. Do whatever you like that represents support for healthcare workers.
2 June 13-14 Make it a Great Day Select a friend or family member that you want to celebrate. Think of that person during your run. Recall fond memories. After your run call that person. And let’s wear yellow!
3 June 20-21 Hill Hunting Challenge yourself to add a hill or two to this week’s run. Use the experience to to reinforce the need to stay strong during this challenging time. Pump up your energy and wear green!
5 June 27-28 Appreciation Carry some sort of food throughout your run. An apple, a banana, string cheese… anything that you can hold in your hand to draw your thoughts to how lucky we are to have food and why it is so important to help those that are not so lucky. MightyMiles color of the week? Orange!
6 July 4-5 United we Stand! Happy Fourth of July! Wear red white and blue to celebrate our independence and connectedness!


Includes Finisher Medal

MightyMiles Podium
Includes Finisher Medal
and T-Shirt

MightyMiles Overall
Includes Finisher Medal,
T-Shirt and Neck Buff


Long Island Cares is one of the region’s most comprehensive hunger assistance organizations, serving thousands of individuals and families in need. Founded as the first food bank on Long Island in 1980 by the late singer, Grammy Award-winning songwriter and social activist, Harry Chapin, the organization provides food when and where it’s needed, sponsors programs that promote self-sufficiency and educates the public about the causes and consequences of hunger on Long Island.

Q: Do I have run all three miles in a single outing?
A: That is up to you. If you are an experienced runner, we encourage you to. If you are new to running and want to take part in the series as part of your exercise or training plan, good for you! Break up the three miles into distances that suit your ability and fitness level. Maybe set a goal that by the Fourth of July (the final weekend in the Series), you’ll be able to make the 3-mile distance in one outing!

Q: What about longer distances? Can I do a longer run?
A: Sure! Submit your run distances/times and we’ll add you to the Series Leaderboard!

Q: What if I can’t run on the weekend?
A: Bend the rules! Run when you can, submit your photos and upload your results during the scheduled weekend or by the 5PM Monday deadline for that week.

Q: Do I have to upload my results?
A: It’s not an absolute must, but it makes it kinda’ fun.  If you don’t want to though, no problem.  If you just aren’t sure how, first, please see the ‘How to Upload Results’ tab.  If you still have trouble, you can reach us at: info@eventpowerli.com.  And it would be very cool if you would send us your run experience photos for the photo gallery!

How to Submit Weekly Results

 To upload your results:

  • Go to https://runsignup.com/Race/Results/91917/#resultSetId-196355;perpage:100
  • Click on “Submit Virtual Results”
  • Look up your registration with your name and date of birth.
  • Under Event click on Submit Virtual Results
  • Then log your run or ride, the date you completed it and your time
  • After you submitted two of the three activities, you will need to select “add another activity” to log your third one.
  • Then click submit results and you are all set.


Photo Gallery

We can do virtually anything! See the Mighty Miles photo gallery and get inspired!

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