COVID-19 Safety Plan

At EventPower, we have been working to develop a plan that will allow athletes, volunteers and everyone to feel safe when we are able to resume events.  Following best practices as well as state and local guidelines we will be prepared to offer race opportunities that are in line with all safety consideration and requirements.
Below are actions and guidelines we will implement:

  1. The temperature of each person will be taken as they enter the transition area.  If an athlete has a fever, they cannot participate and must leave the race site.
  2. Event parking will be every other spot, with a parking space between each car so that people have enough room to get their bikes off or out of their car without being too close to each other.
  3. More bike racks with less people per rack will be set up in transition areas.  Rather than 16 people per rack we would have 6 people per rack.
  4. Swim starts will change from mass start (typically 150 people) to a time trial start (1 person at a time) or mini group start (12 to 50 people) – pending state guidelines at the time of a given race.
  5. All participants would receive a mask and need to wear it from the time they enter the race site to when they enter the water.  Trash bins will be in place at the swim start for discarding masks as athletes enter the water.
  6. Water bottles will be available at the water stop and finish line as opposed to cups.  Racers will take their own bottle off the table rather than a volunteer handing off to each person.
  7. Participants would retrieve their own finisher medal after the race rather than volunteers presenting medals to finishers.
  8. After participants cross the finish line there will be a table with masks.   Race finishers will be required to mask up before they leave the finish chute.
  9. The morning race briefing will be eliminated. In its place, all registered racers will receive an email with a video briefing before the race.
  10. The awards ceremony will be abandoned.  Awards will instead be mailed.
  11. We would discourage more than one spectator per athlete to attend any event and ask participants to not linger after the race.
  12. Following state guidelines, post-race food will change to pre-wrapped, individual snacks.
  13. Hand sanitizer stations will be placed throughout the event site.
  14. All volunteers and staff will be required to wear masks and gloves throughout the event.
  15. A duathlon option will be offered so participants can opt to not participate in the swim if they haven’t had the opportunity to train due to pool closures.

Eventpower maintains  a no refund policy.  As we face restrictions and limitations of COVID-19 safety requirements, adjustments will potentially be made such as offering race entry deferral or virtual event participation, but no refunds can be offered.
Thank you for your understanding.