Team Lipstick

Vicki Ventura TriConnect

Contact:  Laura Cozik – Website: www.teamlipstick.comEmail:  laura@teamlipstick.comPhone: (917)748-4494

What will athletes experience when working with you or being a part of your team or club?  Team Lipstick is New York City’s most successful female triathlon team.  The training is intelligent and extremely hands on. Coaches will test, track and improve an athlete’s abilities throughout the course of a season.  We welcome all levels from beginner through athlete.
Describe the personality of the Team or Club:  Our group is very intimate and the coaches are all top of the food chain.  The women of Team Lipstick are supportive, encouraging and inclusive.  We are family!

As the leader of this team or club, what inspires you about triathlon?
  Triathlon is fun, diversified and exciting.  Every day of training and racing is completely new and unique.  And the sense of accomplishment that is continuously gained from being a triathlete is un-paralleled.  But what inspires me the most is training and racing with the badass women of Team Lipstick!!