We appreciate the support and competition that our local triathlon teams and clubs bring to the EventPower races every year.  For the 2018 season, we decided to continue a  fun competition to give back to the Teams and Clubs that show the most support at our races.

For every EventPower race* that an athlete enters, he or she will earn 20 points for their designated TEAM or CLUB. When registering for an EventPower event, athletes must indicate their Triathlon TEAM or CLUB name in order to ensure that their TEAM or CLUB is being assigned their points.  Athletes must be registered online.  Participants that register at packet pick up, will not be included in the Team Incentive scoring.

The Triathlon Team or Club with the most points at each race will receive $500!  TThat means each team has 6 chances to win, and you can win more than one time!

Power of A Woman Triathlon: $500
Mini MightyMan: $500
Town of Huntington Triathlon Presented by Huntington Hospital – Northwell Health: $500
Smith Point Triathlon: $250  and $250 to the fastest team! (The average time of the 5 fastest finishers per team!)
Mighty Hamptons Triathlon: $250 and $250 to the fastest team!
Montauk Festival of Races: $500

Points will be distributed during the season for Teams and Clubs to monitor their progress. Special bonus point opportunities will be announced during the season. If a tie exists, there will be a special tiebreaker.


1. Cash Award for your team or club
2. Race discounts for your athletes
3. Promotion for your Team or Club

1.  Enter your triathlon team or club into our TriCONNECT website database accessible to anyone visiting our website. Complete this form online to enter.
2. Once entered, your 2018 season athlete entries will begin to qualify for the competition. Each team must have 100 points to win.
3. Your team or club athletes will be eligible for race discounts for EventPower Sprints, Olympics and the Half Iron. Discount codes can be used to register all season long. The Team or Club Director must contact eventpower@aol.com to request the discount codes for their team.
4. Keep us posted on your team and club updates and we will include some of your updates and information in our regular newsletters.

 2018 Team Incentive Winners

Power of A Woman Triathlon Winner; Merrick Bicycles Tri Team 
Mini MightyMan Triathlon Winner: Uniondale High School
Town of Huntington Triathlon: Runner’s Edge  
Smith Point Triathlon Winner: Wildwood Warriors 
Mighty Hamptons Winner: 
MightyMan Festival of Races: Columbia Tri Team

 2017 Team Incentive Winners

Power of A Woman Triathlon Winner; All Women’s Tri Team – 320 points
Mini MightyMan Triathlon Winner: Wildwood Warriors – 440 points
Town of Huntington Triathlon Winner: Runner’s Edge –  420 points
Smith Point Triathlon Winner: Wildwood Warriors – 1500 points
Mighty Hamptons Winner: HBody Lab Tri – 340 Points
MightyMan Montauk Sprint, Olympic and Half Triathlon Winner: Empire Tri Club – 620
OVERALL – Wildwood Warriors

2016 Team Incentive Winners

Power of A Woman – Winner: All Women’s Tri Team
Mini Mightyman Triathlon – Winner: Wildwood Warriors
Town of Huntington Triathlon Presented by Huntington Hospital – Northwell Health – Winner: Wildwood Warriors
Smith Point Triathlon- Wildwood Warriors
Mighty Hamptons Triathlon – TIE: Wildwood Warriors and Full Throttle Endurance
MightyMan Festival of Races – Empire Tri Club
OVERALL – Wildwood Warriors
*The 3 youth races are not included.