Tarps Total Training

Vicki Ventura TriConnect

Contact: Shawn.tarpstt@gmail.com

Practices are held on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 8-9pm and Tues-Friday mornings 6:30-7:45am at the Nassau County Aquatic Center.

What will athletes experience when working with you or being a part of your team or club?

Tarps Total Training is first and foremost a family. We train together, socialize outside of practices, share our successes and our failures.  Our goal is to focus on comradery. Any group is only as fast as their slowest athlete , having that in mind, we happily cheer each other on at practice and at events.  Athletes can expect to experience a light hearted and fun atmosphere, however, our primary reason for being there is to push our athletes to achieve their greatest potential.  Our success is measured by being present and focused in the moment, working hard at every practice and enjoying the process along the way.

Describe the personality of the Team or Club:

TTT is really a self-driven team.  Our practices change all due to the preferences of our athletes. For example, whether it’s winter training indoors or summer training in open water, our athletes get to experience a full range of training.  When it comes to the overall personality of our team our motto is, “The Beauty Is In The Balance”, serious when necessary but ready to have fun as well.  You can take the sport of TRIathlon very seriously and still have a smile across your face and I’d say that’s us.  Whether you’re standing on the podium or pushing yourself to the limit just to cross the finish line, TTT athletes will be the ones smiling. The most important thing to myself as a coach and triathlete is to always enjoy being in the moment.

 As the leader of this team or club, what inspires you about triathlon?

What inspires me is the ability to improve. As we age certain biomechanics slow down but in return we gain knowledge of form and function. As a swimmer myself  I have become aware that I now swim more efficiently than I did a few years back all because I have been taught how to put my knowledge into practice. This is not only true for the swimming portion of a triathlon but for the bike and run as well. The athletes I train with, they inspire me. Steve Tarpinian, founder of Team Total Training, inspires me. The 80 year old grandfather on a podium inspires me. Getting kids involved in training and racing inspirse me. This is why I do what I do and this is why I love what I do.