Barracudas Tri Team

Vicki Ventura TriConnect

Contact:  Heidi Roussis – Website:  www.sjjcc.orgEmail:  hroussis@sjjcc.orgPhone:  (516)484-1545 x109

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 12.10.05 PMWhat will athletes experience when working with you or being a part of your team or club?  Our team is made up of everyday athletes.  We pride ourselves in taking you through your first finish line, improving your time or increasing your distance.  If being on the podium is your goal, then let’s get you there!

Describe the personality of the Team or Club:
  We are a fun but serious results-driven group.  Our retention rate is upwards of 70%.  We give individualized attention, while training in a group format.  We are each others mentors, cheerleaders and inspiration.  The journey to the finish line will be paved with personal growth, physical achievements and supportive teammates.

As the leader of this team or club, what inspires you about triathlon?  Triathlon makes us better people in the rest of our lives.  The fitness benefits are amazing, but the idea of setting and achieving your goals is incredible.